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The first five galleries (Abstracts, Wildlife, Birds, Landscapes, Flora) contain all of the images on the website. Landscape galleries are arranged by location, Wildlife and Bird galleries by species, and Flora galleries by color.

The remaining galleries feature selected images from the five main galleries that conform to various themes.


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Valley of Fire

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Guestbook for All Photographs
8.Susan Liepa(non-registered)
Pete, looking forward to browsing through your beautiful photos.
6.Alexandra Cespedes(non-registered)
Dear Pete Bengeyfield,

I am a gallery assistant at Agora Gallery, a contemporary fine art gallery in New York. Can I send you some information about our gallery and about an upcoming exhibition that you might be interested in?

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards,

Alexandra Cespedes
Gallery Assistant /Agora Gallery
Phone: 212.226.4151 ext 207
Fax: 212.966.4380
4.Jim Heustess(non-registered)

The updated site looks and sounds good. See you soon. Jim
2.Cheryl Taylor(non-registered)
Hi Pete,

So glad I stumbled on your website. As expected, your images are magnificent; you are an outstanding artist. Additional, you are one of the best Hydro-Heads I had the pleasure of knowing. Maybe I'll see you in the park; got the coveted Senior Pass last year!
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